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Glaucio's Barbershop

My first passion started when I was 16 years old and felt the buzz for cuts and shapes. I have travel around Latin America and Europe studying and gaining work experience with world-renowned professionals in the art of men’s haircutting like Toni&Guy in Milan, SchoremBarbier in Rotterdam, and Menspire in London all in the pursuit of self improvement and growth .

I was inspired by the traditional English and Italian style, when I decided to open my first barbershop in Brazil. After much demand I started traveling providing workshops for others and my second passion was born, training and teaching my knowledge.

After one year teaching at a beauty academy in Zürich I found this opportunity to again open my own shop where I can provide a personalized and friendly services in barbering and hair cut.

Do you want a trusted hair advisor to help you change or upgrade your look in the Gold Coast of Zürich? Try Glaucio’s Barbershop for a differentiated service in Küsnacht.

Your ambition ends where perfection begins.

Our services


The Fade

49 CHF

Machine Haircut one length

45 CHF

Scissors Classical haircut

47 CHF


Beard treatment with hot towels

33 CHF

Beard contours

23 CHF


Young Fade haircut

27 CHF

Kid haircut

25 CHF


Beard color

40 CHF

Hair color

55 CHF

Hair Straightening

55 CHF


+41 78 972 9598

Poststrasse 12. 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland

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